Seth Honnor

Artist and founder of Kaleider

I am an artist, director and joint lead of production studio, Kaleider, where I work with an amazing team.

I almost always work with other artists, producers, and technologists, combining installation, live performance and digital to design artworks, which tour to festivals, venues and public spaces internationally.


In 2013 I conceived and directed The Money®. Over the past 7 years I've been lucky enough to tour with it to some extraordinary venues across 5 continents, and made 2 non-tx TV pilots.

Other work includes Pig, a large transparent pig that invites the public to put money into it, and take it out if they can agree how to spend it; From The Light Of The Fire Our Dancing Shadows, two experiences - one in VR and one watching on; You With Me, a 45 minute telephone call all about you, where you never meet your caller; and wall drawing robot projects A Portrait Without Borders and Robot Selfie.

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Seth Honnor’s practice has spanned both Cultural and Artistic Leadership, playing with digital innovation in both areas and always in relation to the live experience.

Until 2006 Seth was an Actor, Director and Producer for Imitating The Dog, a company he co-founded in 1998.

In 2004, before the advent of social media, he founded the critically acclaimed development organisation Theatre Bristol, where he leveraged the democracy of the internet for sectoral development across the SW, and later in Serbia and Bulgaria.

In 2012 Seth set up the production studio Kaleider, combining both his artistic practice and his developmental spirit. Seth collaborates with artists, producers, and technologists, playing with live performance, installation, and digital to create experiences for audiences around the world.

His showgame The Money has received critical acclaim on 5 continents, touring for 7 years. It has received major-channel investment in two non-tx TV pilots (C4 and ITV).

Pig, which also challenges our collective understanding of ownership and money, community and democracy, has played to thousands in public spaces around Europe.

Dancing Shadows leverages VR to create a collective dance by the participating public.

Previous roles: Development Director Interplay Theatre, Curator LIFT, Chair REACT Steering Board, Chair MAYK, Chair SWCTN Steering Board.

Honorary Fellow at University of Exeter

Associate Artist, In Situ - European platform for art in public space.

Portrait by Stephen Raff